Oh, That Ex Druggy is Back

I’m sure my fans (Got so many by the way, can’t move for fans) have spent the last few month’s in absolute pieces due to my lack of writing. You handed in your notice at work because juggling the nerves of wondering where I’ve gone and your job in the city was too much to cope with.  You’ve had the Bill Withers timeless classic “Aint No Sunshine When Shes Gone” on repeat for the last 6 months, but you replaced “she” with “he” because you never forgot that I was a big strong man. Your own wife, your dear sweet wife, has left you, because you said you’d never love again after I left. 

Well have no fear, Ollie’s fucking here,With an explanation as to why I decided to give up blogging… but… take it back up again.  So yeah.

I’m an extremely indecisive person, who gets ideas fast then without hesitating, creates them. Now that serves me well creatively SOMETIMES.


Fuck me do I churn out a lot of shit ones as well.

I’ve tried multiple attempts at making my own clothing line with erm..minimal success. 

I once thought I could start my own shoe restoration company, with no knowledge in that area whatsoever… bit weird really, people would have been so disappointed after ‘The Shoe Doctor’ (name I decided for my company) ‘fixed’ their shoes. No shoe doctor at all am I, not even a shoe nurse or a shoe student for that matter.

So unfortunately I had got it in my head that blogging was just another shit idea of mine. I thought nobody liked it, felt rather embarrassed about the whole thing and deleted everything.

I then emailed WordPress like an idiot begging them to help me find my old posts, as if they just have them on file ready, which yano.. they don’t..obviously.

But I will be posting tragic stories from my life once again, and will possibly attempt to re construct some of my old posts as best I can. 


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